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    I am trying to copy emails from my xxx.flash.net email address which is AT&T/Yahoo into my gmail account. When doing so I get the message ” this account cannot be imported right now. Please try again later.” I have continually got the same message for several days. What am I doing wrong?



    Hi Phil,

    I am Blanca from ShuttleCloud.

    You may be able to copy your emails from your AT&T/Yahoo account using the “POP” option. (The “POP” option can copy email messages, but not labels or folders.)
    Here are the steps:

    -Sign into your Gmail account.
    -In the top right, click the gear icon, and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
    -Click the “Accounts and Import” or “Accounts” tab.
    -In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, click “Add a mail account”.
    -Type the email address of your AT&T/Yahoo account, then click “Next Step”.
    -Type your password.
    -Also, type the POP Server inbound.att.net and the POP port select 995.

    RECOMMENDED: Check the boxes next to the options below:
    >“Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail”
    >“Label incoming messages”
    -Leave the other boxes unchecked.
    -Click “Add Account”.

    Please let me know if this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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