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    How I can integrate QuickBooks on our Office 365 ? Please reply.





    Direct Integration option is not available,

    But you can bring your contacts in MS Outlook to QuickBooks Online through these steps:

    1. In Outlook/Outlook Express, Go to the File menu, and then click Import/Export.
    Select Export to a file.
    2. Select the option to export to Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.
    Choose Contacts.
    3. Specify a file name and location. Click Next and then Finish.
    Using Excel, edit the CSV file to show a list of either your Customers or your Vendors/Suppliers and then save the CSV file.
    4. In QBO, go to the Gear Icon, under Tools, select Import Data.
    5. Choose Customers or Vendors/Suppliers as appropriate.
    6. Click Browse to locate and select the CSV file, and then click Open to select the file. Click Next.
    7. Map your fields to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Cloud fields. Click Next.
    8. Make corrections if needed and click Import.

    OR Third party solution like Layer2Solution


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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