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    I recently imported a large number of messages from a Yahoo account to a Gmail account. During that process, I noticed that a number of messages were showing up in Gmail with the wrong date. To be more specific, they were showing a date of “today” (i.e. messages imported on 4/15 had 4/15 as the date, messages imported on 4/16 had 4/16 as the date, etc.) rather than when the message was originally sent/delivered.

    Upon further investigation, I discovered that all the problematic messages were missing “Date” headers in the original message. However, when they were imported into Gmail, the new copies in Gmail all had new “Date” headers with a value of “today.”

    Would it be possible for a future version of ShuttleCloud to modify/correct this behavior? Looking at the problematic messages, it looks like a more appropriate behavior would be to fall back on the timestamp in the most recent “Received” header so as to (more or less) preserve the original date. In other words:

    1) Check if the message contains a “Date” header.
    2a) If the message contains a “Date” header, jump to #3.
    2b) If the message is missing a “Date” header, find the most recent (i.e. first from the beginning of the message) “Received” header, parse the date from the header, then create a new “Date” header with that value and add it to the message.
    3) Continue processing normally.

    Thanks for reading and for creating such a great tool!



    Hello Abraham,

    First of all, thank you for your kind words. We try to look out for most use cases, but I must say this is a first for us!

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Would you happen to know why those emails did not have “date” headers?

    We will take your issue & proposed solution (thanks) into consideration for future releases.

    Is there anything else that you would improve from your migration experience?

    Best Regards,

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