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    How do I import my contacts from LYCOS MAIL?



    Currently, LYCOS MAIL is not a ShuttleCloud supported provider. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a solution for email import.

    Does the provider allow you to export your contacts into a CSV file? If so, after creating the CSV file please follow these steps:

    1.Go to Google Contacts.
    2.On the left, click More and then Import.
    3.Click on Choose File to select the appropriate CSV or vCard file.
    4. Go to the old Google Contacts version.
    5. In the old version, from the More menu, click Import and upload your file.
    6. Come back to Google Contacts and refresh your browser.

    In order to save the contacts to the desired file type, please get in touch with the respective domain support for further assistance.




    Currently, I am also having a problem in importing my contact from Lycos mail.As I am Lycos mail user it is very easy to use and understand only problem I am having is on importing contact.As per Elena suggestion, I utilized it and it worked quite well but there exist domain support so if any appropriate suggestion plese do help me so. Also I have written an article related to Lycos Email login and reset step by step who are very interested in using this mail please have a look at it and feel free to response if any problem occurs. The link:

    Lycos Email Login And Reset Steps



    Hi Aniz,

    Thank you very much for the information!

    Were you finally able to transfer your contacts using the CSV file?




    You can import contacts from either vCard (.vcf) files or CSV files.

    To import contacts

    1. Click Address Book.
    2. Optionally, select the group into which you want to import the contacts.
    If you don’t select a group, the contacts will be imported into the Contacts group only.
    3. Click the Import icon.
    4. Click Browse and navigate to the contacts file that you want to import. Select the file, and then click Open.
    5. Select which address book the contacts should be imported to. The checkbox lets you delete all contacts from the selected address book before importing. Be careful with this, the deletion cannot be undone!
    6. Click Import.


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