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    I’m importing about 30GB of emails from GMAIL to G Suite using the integrated import feature. I’ve had 18GB imported so far but it’s very very slow now. The last 12h about 500mb has been imported, just judging from the storage number I get.

    Is this normal? how long should it take? Shall I take any other measure?




    I have had no more emails added in the last hours i believe. I have 55 200 emails in the new account and 69 000 emails in the old account.

    What to do?



    Hi Sorosh,

    We do provide all our customers with the fastest transfers allowed by Google. There are many factors that affect transfer speed. However, larger accounts take longer to migrate because of Google’s limits on the number of simultaneous connections to each account. That is, the size of the source account and the quantity of emails have the largest impact on total transfer time. In ideal conditions, 250 – 500 MB are transferred per hour.

    It is somehow strange that the migration is now running so slowly. Maybe the emails it is currently migrating are bigger and therefore it takes more time for the tool to migrate them. Please leave a couple of days and if it is still running very slowly let me know at blanca@shuttlecloud.com and we will take a closer look at it!

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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